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For publisher: : Miladin Milošević
Editorial board: dr Dragan Bogetić, prof. dr Ljubodrag Dimić, Dušan Jončić, Milan Medaković, Miladin Milošević,
Mitar Todorović
Prepared by: Miladin Milošević, dr Dragan Bogetić
Preface: dr Dragan Bogetić
Printed by: Planeta print Beograd
Circulation: 300 copies
Beograd, 2017.

Collected papers Yugoslavia – United States of America, Meetings and Talks of the Highest Officials of Yugoslavia and USA, 1955 -1980, presents continuation of edition of the Archives of Yugoslavia "Foreign Policy of Yugoslavia". Total 42 documents was presented. The first one is "Note of Conversation Between President of FNRY Josip Broz Tito and American Minister of Foreign Affairs John Foster Dulles" of November 6, 1955 being the first conversation of the President of Yugoslavia with such a high official of the United States of America and the last document "Shorthand Notes of the Meeting of the President of the Presidency of SFRY Cvijetin Mijatovic and   the President of the USA Jimy Karter held in Belgrade on June 24, 1980." That visit was the last visit of any President of USA to Yugoslavia.
Documents published in this book are preserved in the Fonds of the Archives of Yugoslavia: AJ-837 ( Cabinet of the President of the Republic) and AJ-803 (Presidency of SFRY as well as in the Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia (two documents), origin of a document indicated at the bottom on every document. Documents are published for the first time in its integral text in Latin script as written in original documents.
Structure of the book comprises of: preamble, preface – introductory study of Yugoslav – American Relations, documents from no. 1-42 register of proper names and list of abbreviations.
Miladin Milošević and Dr Dragan Bogetić prepared the Collected Papers while Dr. Dragan Bogetić wrote introductory study.
" … President of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito within his very vivid and rich activity in the field of foreign policy met and had meetings with leading world statesmen and diplomats which shaped and significantly influenced international relations but also with those that were less influential, those who struggled looking for their place in the international community.
The most interesting meetings without any doubt were those that President of Yugoslavia had with the officials of two leading powers in the East and the West- Soviet Union and USA.
Besides presidents of the states, the President of Yugoslavia often had meetings with the Prime Ministers but also with the Misters of Foreign Affairs. Regarding foreign policy of the Yugoslav President the important were his meetings with the Ambassadors accredited to Yugoslavia. Thus President of Yugoslavia had more than fifty meetings with the Ambassador of USA.
Very interesting and substantial were meetings with the foreign ministers of two countries.
At the meetings of the highest officials of two countries (1955 – 1980) questions regarding international relations dominated, so, practically there were no actual questions of that time that hadn’t been discussed  or opinions and statements that hadn’t been exchanged, and evaluations made. Naturally there were questions regarding bilateral relations between two countries…”
(From introductory notes of Miladin Milošević).
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