Within years long cooperation between the Archives of the Republic of Srpska and the Archives of Yugoslavia, the exhibition of documents Banjaluka, the Center of Vrbas Banovina was opened on September 4, 2019 in the Archives of Yugoslavia, catalogue accompanying the exhibition prepared by the authors Verica M. Stošić, Nebojša Radmanović and M.A. Vladan Vukliš was presented together with monograph of the same authors dealing with the same topic.
The exhibition was prepared by both the Archives of Yugoslavia and the Archives of the Republic of Srpska on the occasion of the manifestation "Days of Srpska in Serbia".
Director of the Archives of Yugoslavia Dr. Milan Terzić greeted all present saying that exhibition presents continuation of fruitful cooperation between the two archives. Bojan Stojnić M.A. director of the Archives of the Republic of Srpska, pointed out that Banjaluka being small district place, in the period from 1929 to 1941 became social, political, cultural and educational center and that the exhibition was prepared using rich original documentation from the Archives of the Republic of Srpska, classified and arranged  in all fields and activities of Banovina where the photographs were special historic source and were significant in preparing this exhibition.
Nebojša Radmanović, Deputy Speaker of the House of Peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the authors of the monograph talked about this monograph that lights up obscurities about Banjaluka of that time, which development started in 1929 and already in 1937, its "builder's, cultural and educational spirit” was obvious, since several important buildings were opened beginning with Mortgage Bank, Office Administrative Building, Ethnography Museum  and National Theatre, that have the same function today.
Addressing the audience at the opening of the exhibition  dedicated to the past period - 90 years ago, between the two world wars 1929-1941, being one of the golden times of Banjaluka, Milorad Dodik Serbian Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that this exhibition draws a parallel between Banjaluka in the time of Banovina and the present time. He mentioned that Banjaluka today is modern Central European city with developed institutions of the Republic of Srpska and that period of Banjaluka from the time of Banovina and the present time are similar, presenting the two biggest takeoffs in its development, reminding that Banjaluka today has 200.000 inhabitants and that it is administrative, financial, political, cultural, sports, economic center and the capital city of the Republic of Srpska. He added that, that is the reason why this exhibition is important and he thanked one of its authors Nebojša Radmanović who miraculously blended two periods, Banovina and the present moment. Finally, thanking  everyone who somehow contributed to preparation of this exhibition, saying that in his opinion manifestation that this exhibition is part of should be named next year "Days of Srpska and Serbia" since "Serbs from both banks of Drina belong to one nation and one culture", Dodik opened the exhibition.
Visitors can visit this exhibition every working day from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. till September 21, 2019.











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