Ambassador of the Federative Republic of Brazil visited the Archives of Yugoslavia

Ambassador of the Federative Republic of Brazil Mrs. Isabel Cristina de Azevedo Heyveart accompanied with her Deputy Mrs. Maria Cristina Pareira DaSilva visited the Archives of Yugoslavia.

Before the visit, the Archives of Yugoslavia forwarded to the Embassy of Brazil copy of one document. That is the Decree of the King Peter II Karajdordjević dated June 15, 1938. on the decision to open diplomatic mission of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia to Rio de Janeiro upon the proposal of the Presidency of the Ministry Council and according to the Article 31. Law on Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic and Consular Representative Offices of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

The purpose of Mrs. Ambassador was to thank the Archives for the submitted copy of the document, but also to propose exhibition on diplomatic relations of two countries.  The Director of the Archives Milan Terzić agreed to prepare exhibition of documents accompanied with the catalogue in the course of the next year.

It was as well agreed, to prepare and sign beforehand Memorandum of Cooperation between the Archives of Yugoslavia and the Embassy of Federative Republic of Brazil in the course of this year.

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