Congresses, Seminars and Conferences in 2017

Archives workers attended the following professional gatherings: 

Date: September 13, 2017
Place: Čačak (Serbia)
Topic: "Evidence of Archival Material- Revision and New Solutions"

Association of Archivists of Serbia held third in sequence of archive workshops on "Evidence of Archival Material- Revision and New Solutions"  in the Archives of Čačak  on September 13, 2017.
Great number of archivists from Serbia as well as quest from the Cantonal Archives of Tuzla director Omer Zulić with his associates attended the workshop.
Six participants presented their papers: Jasmina Živković (Historic Archives of Pozarevac), Draga Milovanović (Historic Archives of Kraljevo), Svetlana Perović Ivović (Archives of Yugoslavia), Tatjana Segedinčev (Historic Archives of Subotica), Slobodanka Cvetković (Historic Archives of Pozarevac) and Zoran Veljanović (Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad).
Svetlana Perović Ivović, Conservator Adviser in the Archives of Yugoslavia, in her paper "Significance of Application of Electronic Documentation Preserved and Restored" pointed out the example of good practice using data base "Conservation" that has been used in the Archives of Yugoslavia since 2009.

Upon presentation of papers, the discussion was opend and conclusions were brought and after the completion of the working part, participants were taken to panoramic sightseeing of Ovčar-Kablar Gorge by a boat and a visit to the Monastery Nikolje.


Datе: September 21- 22, 2017
Place: Subotica (Serbia)
Topic: "Archives Between Culture, Science and Administration"

The Historical Archives of Subotica organized international conference of archivists "The Tenth Archival Day in Subotica" with the topic "Archives Between Culture, Science and Administration" in the Town-hall in Subotica on September 21 and 22, 2017.
Archivists from Serbia, Hungary and Croatia were present at the conference. Tijana Rupčić and Srdjan Sivčev (The Historical Archives of Kikinda) presented their paper, Dr. Kenyeres István (The Archives of the City of Budapest, President of the Hungarian Association of Archivists), Dr. Radó Bálint (The Hungarian International Archives/ the Archives of Baranja County) M. Sc. Ivan Medvedi, mag.educ.hist.Joakim Čičić (The State Archives of Slavonski Brod), Farkas Andrea (The Hungarian National Archives, Budapest), Vanda Vojvodić Micova (The Historical Archives of Zrenjanin). D.Sc. Vlatka Lemić (Croatian State Archives) presented as well their papers.
The representatives of the Archives of Yugoslavia participated with their papers "Cultural – Scientific Activity of the Archives of Yugoslavia 2006-2017" that was the subject of the mutual paper of the archivists Jelena Kovačević and Marko Radovanović and Dragan Teodosić is the author of the paper "Publication of the Archival Material of the Archives of Yugoslavia from the Cultural-Scientific Point of View 2006 -2017".

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