II Information Technology

1. ISO 8879:1986 Information processing – Text and office systems – Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)

2. ISO/IEC 9075:2003 Information technology – Database languages – SQL – Part 1, 2 and 11. The standard defines the SQL language for work with databases, used for the definition of data structure and operations that may be applied on data contained in these structures. The minimum requirements are defined in the Parts 1, 2 and 11 of this standard. The other parts are its expansions.

3. ISO/IEC TR 9294:2005 Information technology – Guidelines for the management of software documentation. The standard offers instructions for the management of software documents for managers in charge of producing software or software-based products. The purpose of these instructions is to create effective documents and the principles themselves can be applied on both the simplest and most complex software. All levels of software life cycle have been included.
ISO/IEC TR 9294:1990 idt SRPS ISO/IECTR9294:1997

4. ISO/IEC TR 9573–11:2004 Information processing – SGML support facilities – Part 11: Structure descriptions and style specifications for standards document interchange. Defines the structure of documents and style specifications for the needs of the ISO standard interchange of documents.

5. ISO/IEC TR 9573:1988 Information processing – SGML support facilities – Techniques for using SGML. The main purpose of this standard is to ensure a simple exchange of metadata between different phases of an application lifecycle.

6. ISO 12654:1997 Electronic imaging recommendations for the management of electronic recording systems for the recording of documents that may be required as evidence, on WORM Optical Disk. Provides general technical recommendations and advice to assist organizations which have adopted and implement the technology of optical storage of documents.

7. ISO 14721:2003 Space data and information transfer systems – Open archival information system – Reference model. The standard for the establishment of a system for the archiving of classical and digital recordings. The recommended model refers to the entire course of archiving of recordings, from their creation, archiving, data management, to accessibility and reactivation. The model can be used in any archive and institution which keeps recordings for a long time.

8. ISO 15836:2003 Information and documentation – The Dublin core metadata element set. Presents the elements of metadata intended for describing electronic documents and conducting web searches.

9. ISO/IEC 16448:2002 Information technology – 120 mm DVD – Read-only disk. The standard specifies mechanical, physical and optical characteristics of DVDs and use and storage conditions.

10. ISO/IEC 16824:1999 Information technology – 120 mm DVD rewritable disk (DVD-RAM). The standard specifies mechanical, physical and optical characteristics of DVDs and use and storage conditions.

11. ISO/IEC 18019:2004 Software and system engineering – Guidelines for the design and preparation of user documentation for application software. The standard describes how to determine the information needed by the user, how to determine the way of presentation of the information and how to prepare documents on this basis.

12. ISO/TR 18492:2005 Long-term preservation of electronic document-based information. The standard ensures a practical long-term preservation method in cases when the preservation period exceeds the expected duration of a technology (hardware and software) used in the creation and use of the information.

13. ISO 19005–1:2005 Document management – Electronic document file format for long-term preservation – Part 1: Use of PDF 1.4 (PDF/A-1) Defines the PDF-based file format, which ensures the mechanism for the presentation of an electronic document in such a way that the visual presentation of the document stands the test of time and does not depend on the tools and systems used in its creation and preservation.

14. ISO 23081.1:2004 Information and documentation – Records management processes – Metadata for records – Part 1: Principles. Principles for the creation, use and management of metadata included in the15489 standard: Records Management.

15. ISO/IEC 26300:2006 Information technology – Open document format for office applications (Open Document) v1.0 Defines the XML scheme for office applications and their semantics. The scheme is suitable for business documents and includes, but is not limited to, text documents, tables, graphics and graphic documents, such as sketches and presentations.

16. IEC 82045–2:2004 Document management – Part 2: Metadata elements and information reference model. Contains a lengthy list of standardized document management metadata. This standard provides a framework for the exchange of information and base for the implementation of a document management system. It also ensures a standardized DTD, based on the XML language.



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