Storage, Holding and Exhibiting of Archival and Library Material - International Standards

1. IFLA Principles for the Care and Handling of Library material It contains recommendations for the processing, use, storing, protection, transport, exhibiting of the traditional (hardcopy) photographs and films, audio-visual, magnetic and optical recordings and their copying for the purpose of protection by photocopying, microfilming and digitalization.

2. ISO 11799:2003 Information and documentation – Document storage requirements for archive and library materials The standard provides the requirements for rooms used as the storage facility for archive and library materials: construction, place, installations and equipment.

3. ISO 18902:2001 Imaging materials – Processed photographic films, plates and papers – Filing enclosures and storage containers

4. ISO 18911:2000 Imaging materials – Processed safety photographic films – Storage practices The ways and conditions for keeping photographic films are being defined as well as the way of processing, using and viewing films. The standard does not refer to nitrate films.

5. ISO 18918:2000 Imaging materials – Processed photographic plates – Storage practices It determines detailed conditions for the storage, use and viewing of photographic plates. The recommendations are provided in two levels – medium (average) for a shorter life (of at least 10 years) and a stricter criterion for the archive storage (longer life).

6. ISO 18920:2000 Imaging materials – Photografic reflection prints – Storage practices The standard defines the way for the storage, protection and use of photographs. The general conditions for the storage of photographs, form and quality of protective sleeves and boxes, depot equipment and microclimatic conditions within them are defined.

7. ISO 18921:2002 Imaging materials – Compact disc (CD-ROM) – Method for estimating the life expectancy based on the effect of temperature and relative humidity The standard provides recommendations and results of testing of the age of compact disks in view of the change of temperature and relative humidity.

8. ISO 18923:2000 Imaging materials – Polyester-base magnetic tape – Storage practices It provides recommendations on the way and conditions of storage, use and protection of magnetic tapes.

9. ISO 18925:2002 Imaging materials – Optical disc media – Storage practices It prescribes conditions for storing optical disks for the audio, visual and computer purposes, as well as the ways of handling, inspecting and cleaning them. It explains only the effects of temperature ad relative humidity on them, and not the effect of the light, polluted air and other threats.

10. ISO 18927:2002 Imaging materials – Recordable compact disc system-method for estimating the life expectancy based on the effect of temperature and relative humidity It defines the results of age tests for recordable compact disks on which data cannot be altered in view of the effects of temperature and relative humidity.

11. ISO 18928:2002 Imaging materials – Unprocessed photographic films and papers – Storage practices The requirements for the unprocessed and processed photographic material are similar, but there are also some differences that are defined under this standard.

12. ISO 18934:2006 Imaging materials – Multiple media archives – Storage environment This standard refers to the storage conditions in case that different media are kept in the same space. This standard does not replace any previous standards referring to storage conditions for a particular medium, such as paper.



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