Storage, Holding and Exhibiting of Archival and Library Material - National Standards

1. ANSI/NISO Z39.79–2001 Environmental Conditions for Exibiting Library and Archival Material. American National Standards Institute / National Information Standards Organization. The American national standard on the influence of external factors on the exhibited library and archival material. Specific parameters are proposed for the maximum allowed exposure of material to light, relative humidity, temperature, polluted air, material exhibition boxes are made of, way of exhibiting bound and unbound material and other problems regarding transport, protection and insurance of exhibited material.

2. AFNOR CG46/CN10Z40L:2002 Prescriptions de conservation des documents graphiques et photographiques dans le cadre d`une exposition / Association francaise de normalisation. The French national standard on the storage and exhibition of archival and library material.

3. BS 1006 British Blue Wool Standard. The standard on the exhibiting of archival documents, on the allowed intensity of light and protection from UV rays, made on the basis of experiments on blue wool.

4. BS 5454:2000 Recommendation for the Storage and Exhibition of Archival Documents. The British national standard in which special attention was dedicated to the old and new areas for the storage of archival documents. It provides the basic recommendations for the construction and equipping of depots with the appropriate alarms and equipment for the storage and exhibition of material (mostly on paper and parchment).

5. NIST SP (National Institute of Standards and Technology – Special Publications) 500–252:2003 Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs – A Guide for Librarians and Archivists. The Guide provides the ways for using CDs and DVDs, their life span, climatic effects on these media and the ways for maintaining and cleaning them.

6. UNI-NORMAL 10969:2001 Enviromental conditions for conservation. General principles for the choise and control of indoor enviromental parameters. Part 1: Microclimate Cultural Heritage Regulation / Italian National Standardisation Body. The Italian national standard that determines the general microclimatic conditions for storing cultural heritage indoors, in places such as museums, galleries, archives and libraries.



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