Technical Protection of the Archival and Library Material - National standards


1. SRPS Z. E0.002:1984 Micrographics: TERMS AND DEFINITIONS General Terms. It determines the terms and definitions of general terms used in micrographics.
It is in line with ISO 6196/1 of 1982.

2. SRPS Z. E0.002:1984 Micrographics: TERMS AND DEFINITIONS Image positioning and methods of recording. It determines the terms and definitions used in micrographics, which refer to the image positioning on film and methods of recording.
It is in line with ISO 6196/2 of 1982.

3. SRPS Z. E0.100:1985 Micrographics SYMBOLS IN MICROGRAPHICS. It determines the graphic symbols in micrographics.

4. SRPS Z. E0.200:1974 Microfilms GENERAL DIMENSIONS, CLASSIFICATION AND NOMENCLATURE. It clarifies the meaning of some terms used in micrographics, speaks about the general characteristics of film: dimensions, nomenclature, forms, types and generations.

5. SRPS Z. E2.010:1974 Code of practice and use of microfilms of permanent value. It defines the conditions for keeping and handling black and white microfilms (16 mm and 35 mm).

6. SRPS Z. E7.010:1974 Microfilms: MICROFILMING OF ENGINEERING DRAWINGS, TECHNICAL PROCEEDING OF RECORDING. It defines the way of microfilming, i.e. obtaining first generation films (placing one or several originals together and the allowed deviations in the position).

7. SRPS Z. E7.011:1974 Microfilming, reduction ratios for recording. It defines the reduction ratios for microfilming (reproduction and enlargement of recordings are frequently not made in the original proportions).

8. SRPS Z. E7.012:1974 Microfilm MICROFILMING OF ENGINEERING DRAWINGS, DIVISION SYSTEM OF DRAWINGS FOR RECORDING. It defines the way of microfilming drawings in parts. When drawings larger than A0 format are recorded on a 35 mm film, they are microfilmed in parts.

9. SRPS Z. E7.013:1974 Microfilm technics, APERTURE CARD FOR FILM 35mm, MOUNTING CARD. It defines the measures of the aperture card (card with a slot for the microfilm). The aperture card is used as the microfilm carrier. A microfilm card is an aperture card with the inserted microfilm.

10. SRPS Z. E7.014:1974 Microfilm RE-ENLARGEMENT RATIOS FOR REPRODUCTION FROM RECORDINGS ON MICROFILM 35 mm. It defines the conditions for the making of readable reproductions of the appropriate enlargement from a recording on the non-perforated 35 mm film.

11. SRPS Z. E7.015:1974 Microfilm TECHNICAL PROCEEDINGS OF RECORDING FOR DOCUMENTS WRITTEN BY HAND 35 mm and 16 mm. It regulates the recording of handwritten or printed, bound or unbound documents on a 16-mm and 35-mm film for libraries and archives.

12. SRPS Z. E8.010:1974 Microfilm ISO-TESTS FOR REPROGRAPHIC USE, TYPOGRAPHICAL CHARACTER FOR LEGIBILITY TESTS (ISO-Character). It regulates the character for legibility tests in order to avoid any subjectivity. A character is regarded as legible if the position of its internal lines can be clearly seen.

13. SRPS Z. E8.011:1974 Microfilm TESTS FOR REPROGRAPHIC USE, FUNDAMENTAL ASSEMBLY OF TYPOGRAPHICAL CHARACTERS FOR LEGIBILITY TESTS. It regulates the shape, size and position of test fields for legibility tests.


15. SRPS Z. E8.014:1974 Microfilm TEST FOR MICROFILMING OF TECHNICAL DRAWINGS. It provides a table for the testing of microfilms of technical drawings recorded under the SRPS Z. E8.010 and 011 standards.

16. SRPS Z. E8.015:1974 Microfilm DIAZO-DUPLICATES. The standard defines the quality of contact copies made by duplicating microfilm.

17. SRPS Z. E8.017:1974 Microfilm DETERMINATION OF DIFFUSE TRANSMISSION DENSITY. It defines the sensitometric conditions and methods for measuring optical density of propulsive diffuse environments.

18. SRPS Z. E8.018:1984 Micrographics MICROTEST: DESCRIPTION AND USE OF CHECKING A READING APPARATUS. The subject matter of this standard is the definition of micro tests and implementation of a procedure for determining the legibility of images on reading devices (microreaders). The standard deals only with legibility and not with other characteristics of the image (such as gloss, contrast, diffusion...)
ISO 446–1975 and ISO689 of 1975

19. SRPS H. J0.020:1968 Sensitized photographic materials. TERMS RELATING TO MICROCOPIES AND THEIR BASES. It defines the professional terms which will be used in making our standards that refer to microcopies and their bases.
ISO R 260 of 1962

20. SRPS H. J0.100:1968 Sensitized photographic materials. PACKING SIZES. It defines the size of packing units of sensitized photographic materials depending on their format.
ISO R 425 of 1965

21. SRPS A. A0.107:1985 Technical drawings. REQUIREMENTS FOR MICROCOPYING. It determines the technical conditions that must be met in creating technical drawings and other technical documents in order for them to be used as originals in microfilming.
ISO 6428 of 1982



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