Adoption of the SRPS 15489 Standard

INVITATION TO A PUBLIC DEBATE ON THE DRAFT SRPS ISO 15489-1 and SRPS ISO 15489-2 STANDARDS (date of invitation: 06/06/2007)

Document management is the essential function of any business operation, either public or private, with the aim of ensuring an efficient and effective preservation and protection of documents. Starting from the evident need for standards in document management, the director of the Serbian Standardization Institute, under Article 5 paragraph 1 of the Decree on the Way for Making, Adopting and Promulgating Yugoslav and later Serbian Standards (Official Gazette of the FRY No. 4/97) adopted a decision to establish a commission for information and documentation – archive organization, KS A046/1, as a professional working body for the information and documentation sector – archive organization.

The Commission held its inaugural session on May 15, 2006. The meeting was attended by 15 of the 18 Commission members. The present members were from the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro, Archives of Vojvodina, Archives of Serbia, Historic Archives of Belgrade, Military Archives, Historic Archives of Zrenjanin and from the LMG joint stock company. Aleksandra Tenđer is the secretary of the Commission. Mladen Vujović was unanimously elected president of the Commission. The Commission concluded that the adoption of archival standards was necessary and that the ISO 15489 standards, prepared by the Technical Committee, ISO TC 46, Information and documentation, standards should be adopted first.

A working group for the adoption of the above mentioned series of standards was appointed, made up of: Svetlana Adžić as coordinator, Nada Berić, Ljiljana Blagojević, Predrag Krejić and Aleksandar Đokić. The working group completed its task and prepared the translation of both parts of the standard, with the national reference SRPS ISO 15489, which was published in the ISS Information No. 3-2007 of March, 30, 2007.

The draft standard was the subject of a public debate until the end of July 2007. The text of both parts of the standard can be seen on the websites of the Archives of Serbia, Historic Archives of Belgrade, Archives of Vojvodina, Archives of Serbia and Montenegro and NCD.

In the process of translation, the working group tried to keep the translation faithful to the English original and in the case of new terms, which had not been used in the official glossary of the archival studies, the most appropriate translations were used, capable of explaining the meaning of the terms. The working group worked thoroughly and conscientiously and in all cases where its members had different opinions the selected solution was adopted through consensus, with the previous consultation and agreement of the Standardization Institute.


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