Students of the secondary school "Traffic - Technical School Zemun" visited the Archives

The Archives of Yugoslavia exhibition of archival documents "Traffic and Communications in Kingdom of Yugoslavia 1918–1941", opened on 21 January 2013, and promoted in the mass media (TV stations, radio stations and dailies), attracted a lot of attention and interest.
Among the many group visits to this exhibition, the one to be highlighted is the visit made by third and fourth year students of the secondary school "Traffic - Technical School Zemun" from Zemun, Belgrade, in the period from 18 to 29 March 2013. During this period, on each visit day, two classes of students would come, and they were welcomed and given an expert guided tour through the exhibition by its author Gojko Malović PhD, who also gave them a lecture on the development of traffic and communications in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. All the classes of this school who saw the exhibition also visited the Reading Room of the Archives of Yugoslavia and learned about the work involved in researching archival materials in the archival fonds and collections of the Archives of Yugoslavia.






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