The Archives of Yugoslavia and Petnica Science Center – Continuation of Fruitful Cooperation
The Archives of Yugoslavia in addition to its basic activities to collect preserve archival material and make it accessible to the public, make an effort to contribute to education and upbringing of young generation. Thus the Archives have cooperated with Petnica Science Center for decades respectfully with its History Department. On several occasions, professionals from the Archives of Yugoslavia have given lectures and had workshops dealing with various archival and historiography topics to mutual satisfaction.
Archives Advisor from the Archives of Yugoslavia, Ivan Hofman with the colleagues from History Department prepared workshop using archival material from the Fond Federal Commission for Cultural Relations Abroad (AJ-559), March 22-26, 2018. Attendants of the seminar, chosen students from various secondary schools from Serbia and the region had to study cultural and educational cooperation of Yugoslavia and foreign countries in the period from 1951 to 1971 on the basis of documentation and to bring individual conclusions. Ivan Hofman, Archives Advisor helped them performing this task by giving series of introductory lectures on cultural politics of Yugoslavia from1918-1991 and was there for the attendants to help them with archival material, watching their work all the time and finally evaluated their work.
The results of the workshop met expectations of the organizers and we are positive that they stimulated continuation of cooperation between the Archives of Yugoslavia and Petnica Science Center.
We believe, that experience from this cooperation between the Archives of Yugoslavia and Petnica Sconce Center present good starting point to establish cooperation with educational institutions in Serbia and more broadly.



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